Direct Links in the plugin store

It would be pretty neat to be able to link people to the store like this

and it will just search whichever plugin in the store like so

idk why such a no brainer feature hasnt been added

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This is a perfectly fine feature to want, I just think there’s menu others they should tackle before it.

I agree, would be interested to hear what other features they should tackle before it. Please spill the beans.

  • Allow longer descriptions so it’s possible for developers to fully explain what their plugin can do and how to use it
  • Create plugin categories to improve discoverability
  • Allow rating and reviews of plugins to help sort the wheat from the chaff
  • Add developer pages so users can know who produced the plugin they are using

Bunches of others I’m sure.

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We agree with all of these, no idea what the roadmap for adding these is though. I can’t imagine they’ll be added anytime soon.