Digital marketers can now build their own custom GPTs which could retrieve real-time data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google Analytics

Hi marketers -

I really enjoyed Supermetrics as extensions on Google Sheets. I believed that it would be valuable for marketers to retrieve real-time marketing data to a custom GPT, which marketers could have a lot more freedom and flexibility in building.

A reddit post from a month ago made me realize that ChatGPT could help marketers optimize SEO and social efforts with grown traffic and sales, only with effective prompts.

Therefore, I am publishing a recipe on how to use my API endpoints as actions on your custom GPTs for marketing reports, optimizations, and hypothesis discovery.

If you are new to publishing GPTs or struggle with writing out the openapi file, you could find this recipe helpful too. I hope what I built could help people, even a little bit. :grinning: