Builders with the Most GPTs

I have been doing a bunch of data analysis and tracking of GPTs over the past month. I was curious to see which builders have created the most GPTs. Here is an initial view.

I am going to try to run an aggregation and present the data in a live chart by number of gpts and also by page views or conversation count. There is some good quality data out there that I am trying to consolidate and present as well in the charts.

It will be nice to start to get a view towards the top GPT Builders.

Data is from GPT Search API

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One thing that could be great if OpenAI could add to the store is engagement data. Here is a mockup using real data from a quick search on the store for conversation count and matching that to some excellent page visit data that 1mrat has been compiling from similarweb.

Being able to search and find the GPTs that have the most conversations per visit could surface the “best”.

Thanks for sharing.

Here is my GPT bot: ChatGPT - Bot

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