Difference between Upgrading + Start Payment Plan

hey guys! Newbie here. Be gentle with me.

I’m hoping someone can help me understand the difference between two upgrade options I’m seeing.

The first one is the “upgrade to plus” in the main chat GPT window and the second is the “start payment plan” in the billing overview window.

Do they both accomplish the same objective of upgrading the account to access chat GPT 4?

Please note, I am currently on the free plan but am working to automate certain operations within a 3rd party platform (make dotcom, think zapier) and make seems to want me to upgrade my access to Chat GPT to complete the task.

Would upload an image to show what I’m looking at but doesn’t seem like I can!

Any Help would be super appreciated!

We must start with a question:

  • Do you want to log in to ChatGPT at chat.openai.com and use the chatbot with gpt-4, get ChatGPT plugins…?
  • Do you want to develop applications powered by AI models of OpenAI?

The respective answers are:

  • You upgrade to ChatGPT Plus with a subscription of $20/month,
  • You use the API organization management at platform.openai.com to start a payment plan, add account prepaid credits, and use the pay-per-use API to make requests with your application.
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@_j ahhh okay, I get it. That 100% helps me anwser the question!
Thank you so much!

Thanks, happy bot chat! :smile:

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