Didn’t receive any free trial credits?

Here’s a help article updated this week…

I am using the free subscription of ChatGPT so does that mean I can use the ChatGPT API for free too?

  1. No, API usage is it’s own separate cost. The ChatGPT API is not available for free. See our Pricing page for details.
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In another help center article which was updated this week… (two days ago)

How do free trial tokens work?

  • Free trial tokens to API users on platform.openai.com are only given for the first time you sign up then complete phone verification during the first API key generation. No accounts created after that get free trial tokens, no exceptions.

This section above was completely removed from the article and is available in no other article, which would probably mean that this feature no longer exists.

So we can no longer use the free trial credits? We have to pay for the API right?

It’s official, i try to talk to the customer service. And this at least what they said, Every new users need to at least make the account to paid account to be able to use the 5$ dollars api. So that’s it, we have to pay if we want to use openai Api, and it’s actually such a stingy and petty action to do. Because people who’s new in this Ai world can’t even try it without paying.

That’s unfortunate. I’m worried about people who are students like me who can’t even pay. I don’t even have own money to pay with this API.

Chiming in to say this is unfair to students.

How is this unfair?

It might seem unfair that only $5 worth of credits can no longer be obtained through a single account, but there is no reason to expect OpenAI to continue granting credits for free.