Developing ChatGPT plugins, getting access

I have been using and paying for ChatGPT for a while now but for some reason, plugins aren’t showing up.
@logankilpatrick can you help? I have the setting enabled on my account but they don’t show up on the webpage.

I am looking to develop an actual plugin too so I need access.


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I don’t know how this community specifically feels about tagging people out of the blue like this, but most every forum I’ve ever been on it’s considered ill-mannered to tag someone who is not already part of the conversation or with whom you’ve not established some rapport.

Tagging someone in your first topic probably isn’t a great way to start.

With that said, if you’re a Plus subscriber, after you’ve enabled plugins in the Beta features settings pane, you’ll need to first select the GPT-4 model in ChatGPT, then you’ll need to select the sub-model. Clicking (or hovering) over the GPT-4 option should reveal a drop-down menu where you can choose between the default model, the browsing model, and the plugins model.

After you select the plugins model, another drop-down menu will appear where you can install plugins and select up to three plugins to use for the conversation.


@elmstedt feel free to tag me as much as you like :wink:

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Also you need to consider that you are registered in the Plugin waitlist as a developer to be able to install your self made plugins.

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I was specifically told to ask for Logan as he’s the go-to guy, from what I was told.

Here’s my screenshots. You can see I’m paying for GPT 4 and have the plugin settings on, but no plugins show up. Other people showed me their screens and they have a drop down menu for plugins.

This is my settings.

Is there a bug? Why don’t the plugins show up for my account?

If I applied to plugin wait list as a developer, should I already have access to develop plugins? In other words, are all people who applied to plugins as developers have access to developing plugins now?

I’d try to log out and log in. I’m far from certain that it will help, but I’d try.

Plug-in development is still behind a waitlist, and not everyone has been accepted in yet.

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You may apply to be on the waiting list first, and then all you have to do is wait. Normally it should be available within a week

hey @thepowerlaw
you need to enable the chat history & training in your settings then you will see the plugin in GPT-4 drop down list