Developer access for colleagues?

Hi all, I’m excited to have started playing with plugins! So far I’ve built a quick calendar query demo to learn with.

I work with a larger team that develops science-focused services and APIs, and we are interested in developing a plugin for at least one of them. The API however will need some new endpoints to work with a plugin (the current endpoints take lots of parameters and return very large JSON).

We have an organization setup in the OpenAI platform, but so far I am the only one who can develop and test plugins as far as I can tell, making me a bottleneck. Is it possible for others in my org to be added as developers, or must they request individually and wait for access? Is there any other way I can more effectively collaborate with others on our team?

Thank you!


Should be good now, just granted access to the folks in the Org.


Thanks, Logan. Can more of us invite other colleages in our organization to develop a plugin?

We have two more developers who we’d like to involve in the project. They are inside the organization but currently cannot see the “Model: Plugins” selector or “Plugin devtools” view on

Hi @logankilpatrick how could I go about getting access for my org as well?

+1 for me. I think @logankilpatrick you’re going to be busy!

+1 for us as well, would be great to get at least one other eng in our org having access to plugin dev. @logankilpatrick if there’s any info you need from me to help with this, please let me know! :bowing_man:

Hey @logankilpatrick. My development team is ready to access chatpgt for plugin testing. Can you assist?

+1 no one else in my org can see the available plugins or the plugin I made.

Would be great for the whole org to have access

Hi Logan,
We’re having the same issue in our org where we’ve different three teams working on plugins but only access through me, resulting in a bottleneck. Any chance to extend access to the other organization members (even just the “owners”)?

Sorry to jump on board, but same here. Could you enable it for our org as well?


Same thing, have an org, have developers, we’ve been trying for days to get people seeing plugins.

+1 on this! Would be great to give others in our org access so that we can develop collaboratively for plugins.

@logankilpatrick can you do it for us too please?

It would be extremely helpful if there was a way to integrate a specified number of developers who are part of our organization on the This would enable us to co-develop and test plug-ins with developers who already possess ChatGPT+ licenses, making the integration process much more seamless.

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Hey @logankilpatrick , I imagine you and the team are looking for a more permanent solution to granting developer access to an org. Could you update the dev community about the correct way to request org plugin access? I have two other devs and alpha users, none of whom have Plugin access, but are waiting to use my plugin. I don’t see or know what the correct channels for such a request are. Thanks in advance!

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@logankilpatrick it would be awesome if you could do this for developers inmy org as well. Thanks!

Hei, @logankilpatrick please enable it for my Org as well. Thank you very much!

@logankilpatrick Would greatly appreciate you could enable this for my org as well.

This is related, Plus users with plugin access should be allowed to install unverified plugins (or develop their own) Install Unverified Plugin - Everyone Should Have Access to This

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