Developer access for colleagues?

Any chances you could add our organization members as well? Our main account is developer and we’ve submitted our plugin for review but only 1 out of 6 members of the team can test it.

Thank you so much!

This is the bottleneck myself and team has been facing! Could our org get access as well? I’ll have an Owner comment if needed.

Did your org ever get access? I’m wondering if this thread is still followed or if I should start a new one.

Don’t want to bandwagon but it’d be a waste of a post to ask on a new topic. I have plugin access, but not developer functionality. My colleague, apart of the same organization on the platform, has access.

This is making testing the plugin very difficult as only one person has access to install unverified plugins, etc. haha. Could you please do something similar for my account/org?

Hi @logankilpatrick ,
May I ask if it is possible I can grant my colleagues access as well. Now I need to share my account and password in order for us to work on the same plugin project. myOrgId is org-2rpKzbMVr3cPv86tdLeAFI55 really appreciate your help :smiley:

Hi @logankilpatrick Can you please enable for my org as well? I think it would be great if we can add it using openAI website.

+1 We also have this requirement, thank you very much

hi @logankilpatrick if you could do it for us too, we would be really glad. Thanks for your time.

@logankilpatrick I would be very grateful if you would enable this for my organization.

@logankilpatrick Could you our organization as well? Thank you!

I’m sure you know that this is a much requested feature, but I’ll add that our organization needs this as well. Only one person has access, so it is a bottle-neck.

Hi Logan,
I like to add our developer to our organization Keytours Vacations

@logankilpatrick , we’re working on a plugin and, as the organization owner, I’m the only one with developer access. Can you grant others in the org access as well? Thanks so much!


@logankilpatrick could you please verify my account for plugin development as well. Very appreciated!

@logankilpatrick I got the Plugin access. Appreciate if you could please give access to others in the organization for development and testing. Thank you.

@logankilpatrick - would be great if you could provide access to all the org members of org id org-sc8B4TXpQfl9S0FGZCchGr46.

The owner has plugin development access. Thank you!

@logankilpatrick please extend plugin dev/test access to all members of org org-JNCyy6AGHY6aKcIGK4xFfrei . The owner has access and has a live plugin on the store that was just approved today.