Expanding Plugin developer access to all colleagues on OpenAI platform account

Hi all!

My team is really excited to have started playing with plugins! We have been working on a shopping utility plugin based off of the Ibotta product database that we are really excited. We’ve made a ton of progress using one of our personal ChatGPT Plus accounts that has been granted developer access but this is becoming a bottleneck.

Right now, our CTO is the only person with plugin developer access for our org and, in order to finish our development work and begin testing, we are hoping to get the other developers on Ibotta’s OpenAI Platform account access for plugin development. Is that possible? If not, is there any other way we can more effectively collaborate with our team to push this over the finish line?

Thank you so much!


+1 I’m one of the engineers working on the plugin at Ibotta. Would really appreciate developer access for plugins!


+1 I’m one of the engineers at Ibotta as well, getting access to the plugin developer tools would really help us build and iterate faster!


+1 Adding a quick note to elevate this request. We’ve made good progress at Ibotta with the available tools and would like to increase our efforts.


@logankilpatrick looks like you were able to make this update for another company here: Developer access for colleagues?

Any chance you can help us out? We have our plugin built and are hoping to do final testing and to push it live very soon.

+1 We also need this . When can we expect something to improve dev collaboration on plugins?