DevDay - Community Editions? 🌍

Dev Day in SF was great!

I think it’d be a cool idea to organise satellite community events outside of SF/USA.

It could be a chance for people to share what they’ve built using the OpenAI APIs and other supporting open source tools. It’ll also be a chance for folks to learn more about LLMs and Generative AI in general. Tutorials on the assistant api, prompting, RAG-stack.

There could be a research track, builders track, business track etc.

This could be a similar model to Google’s Dev Fest - which are supported by Google but mainly run by the community, for the community.

I’m based in Singapore, and if people in Southeast Asia are interested - please do reach out : )

LinkedIn: in/gabriel-chua
X: gabchuayz

Bumping this up in case folks are keen! :slight_smile: