OpenAI’s first developer conference on November 6 in San Francisco 🎉

I saw this on the OpenAI Blog, thought it’d be a good idea to share with the community.

On a related note, I’m buzzing with anticipation! Who else is joining in?


I hope there will be online options for things other than the keynote. I would love to attend in person, but the shortest flight I can get to San Francisco is ~11½ hours. :sweat_smile:


In-person attendees will also be able to join breakout sessions led by members of OpenAI’s technical staff.

I sincerely hope that these sessions are available available for online attendees as well.

I’d love to be able to attend in-person though. Shortest travel time from my place is ~20h

If you read between the lines, the online options are API documentation and a community forum where developers can share ideas.

“We’re looking forward to showing our latest work to enable developers to build new things,” said Sam Altman (below links to function-calling and fine-tune blog announcements.)

Fair point,

One can still hope and pray though, here’s my best shot at that

Our Altman in San Francisco, hallowed be thy keynote. Your conference come, your streams be done, online as it is in the venue. Give us this day our daily updates, and forgive us our latencies, as we also have forgiven our slow connections. And lead us not into buffering, but deliver us from geo-restrictions. For yours is the algorithm, the neural net, and the innovation. Amen. :pray:


I really hope there is a online link for this event I can’t leave Alaska but I want to be live with these guys

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I’ve just been informed about this, and I appreciate the information. I’d love to attend if I could, but unfortunately, I can’t leave England at the moment. However, I’ll definitely try to watch it live if that’s an option.


There will indeed be online attendance and keynotes for everyone to watch!


:sweat_smile: wow, great points. but it’s funny tho~

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