OpenAI Community Townhall Twitter Spaces Event

I’m thinking to organize an unofficial Twitter spaces townhall event maybe with an OpenAI team member. The format is a brief interview followed by community Q&A.

I was thinking we could compile a list of pertinent questions ranging from discussing GPT-3, Codex, fine tuning, to even discussing the best practices for prompt design. From there, individual listeners could be given a chance to ask a brief question.

If this event idea interests you, LIKE this post and share a comment below!!! Please like comments below with relevant questions proposed by others that you also want asked.

For the interview, here’s some questions I’m curious about and thinking to ask:

  1. What are the keys to a great prompt?
  2. What are thoughts on your instructGPT, how does it change prompt design?
  3. For intermediate users, what is the fine tuning process? What are the benefits of it?
  4. Could you talk about commercializing GPT-3/Codex applications? What are some safety and application tips you had to share?
  5. What are your thoughts on the OpenAI Community?

Interesting topics, this sounds like a great idea!

Sounds great, would be looking forward to this event!

Whats your twitter so i can be aware of this if/when it happens.