Proposal for NYC OpenAI Community Group

Hey everyone,

I’m considering starting an “NYC OpenAI” group in New York City for AI enthusiasts and professionals. The goal is to create a space for:

  • Meetups: Regular discussions on AI trends and project sharing.
  • Workshops: Sessions on AI and machine learning, including GPTs, Assistants, embeddings.
  • Projects: Collaborative AI projects and open-source contributions.
  • Expert Talks: Guest speakers and panels on AI research and industry insights.

Why NYC?

New York’s tech scene is ripe for an AI-focused community. This group could leverage the city’s diverse talent to foster collaboration and innovation.

Your Input:

I need feedback on:

  • Interest level in the NYC area.
  • Ideas for events and activities.
  • Ensuring inclusivity and value for all skill levels.

Next Steps:

With enough interest, I’ll move forward with organizing the group and planning initial events.

If you’re interested or have suggestions, please let me know!

Interested ! there are many events I see in NYC area now. One on Tuesday are you going

no yet, which particularly? I’m trying to focus 100% on OpenAI

I have been looking for something like this recently in NYC! I’m in!

+1 I would be interested in a meetup.

Let’s do it! I’ll work on finding a spot, should we aim for ~20/30 people for a first meetup? should I create a telegram/whatsapp group and then we have a seamless conversation there?

Feel free to join here Telegram: Join Group Chat

I came back here to check it out - I recommend you create some group on Linkedin or Meetup instead, since a lot of people don’t seem to have Telegram these days.

Yeah definitely, ill creat one meetup group soon and lyk

Sounds good -I’m looking forward to it!