Despite having a remaining balance in my account, I'm consistently encountering error code 429

Need help to fix this error code: 429, message :This exception was thrown because the response has a status code of 429 and RequestOptions.validateStatus was configured to throw for this status code.

Hi there!

It doesn’t look like you actually have any active credits. The USD 120 refers to the limit set for the organization - however, this does not imply that you have USD 120 credits available.

Therefore, you need to add some funds to your account in order to use the API.

If you have any further questions on the steps to take, just let us know.


can you also explain, if i purchase chat-gpt 4 so i also have to add some credit to use api? and what about free credit when you create new account 5$?


Your ChatGPT Plus subscriptions and the API are two different products. That means, the money you pay for the subscription do NOT count towards the API. Therefore, you need to separately fund your API account with credits. As for the latter, to our knowledge OpenAI has in recent months phased out the free credits that used to come with the creation of a new account.


Thank you for providing this information.