Depleting post ,how do you do it when to do it and why

Maybe this is not as clear as one would think if you understand.

Hi, what exactly do you mean by delete a post? On the forum? or in ChatGPT or?

Good Morning
There is no option for me to delete own post as a newby. I have required character limit that need filling when editing.
I was just filling in the limits. if you have the authority Sir you have my permission to remove it. thank you

Maybe the option to be able to delete your own post should be added i undrstand outsiders doing it, but to your own post.

After clicking on the … (3 dots) below your post

and then click on the trashcan icon to delete it :smiley:

I thougt it was me for a minute. I did as you said clicking on the three dots and then the little bin icon but it gave me this.

(You don’t have permission to delete this topic. If you really want it to be deleted, submit a flag for moderator attention together with reasoning.) I think mybe a simple update would cure this, Having to ask for permission to remove your own post or flag it like its a criminal. Pardon the pun.

If you spend a little time on the forum you rise to the level where you can delete posts, just view a few topics, can you link to the post you want removed?

Good Evening
its the one i edited the one you asked about.
I thought about it a little and said to myself it must be some kind of security measures that stops new members using it for malice. ie… writing bad words and then removing it without somone of authority seeing it (breaking the rules of conduct so to speak)
the floor in my thoughts was you can just change all the words in an edit. Have i just Hi-lighted a security risk maybe.
that was the topic that was removed it was originally called. From Human To Quman in one move.

This forum software has a bizarre “trust” level that is still set for default. It is meant to drive engagement for forums that are completely different in purpose than this user support site, so it is quite bizarre that they left it. For example, one can drop “trust level” as I have just by not feeding the forum new content every day.