Links in postings allowed/not allowed

We were able to post links but not anymore. We don’t believe to have violated ToS.

Is there any additional ToS not published? Your feedback would be very much appreciated.

The forum software uses a trust system, where you must feed the beast and continue adding content for the profit of others in order to unlock and maintain the enhanced abilities such as posting multiple links.

The boilerplate says that trust 0 cannot post more than two hyperlinks, but this may be modified by OpenAI’s implementation.

One would need to make a new account to see if you have specifically been shadowbanned or other things a moderator or flagging might do.

That is true.

That is leaving out some details.

Trust Level 0 to Trust Level 2 are like steps, once you reach one you will stay at that level. For trust Level 3 there are requirements based on the most recent 100 days and a user must maintain those requirements as the window moves. It seems hard to get to Trust Level 3 without knowing the exact requirements but they are listed in Understanding Discourse Trust Levels.

Trust Levels higher than Trust Level 3 are by admin action only, an admin has to grant you that level which locks you in, maintaining requirements is not required.

As I am on many Discourse sites, an admin on one and currently a moderator here, yes it is unusual that Trust Level 0 can not create links. By default as noted in Understanding Discourse Trust Levels Trust Level 0 can create 2 hyperlinks. However as _j notes here Trust Level 0 can not create hyperlinks.

However it only takes about 12 minutes to get from Trust Level 0 to Trust Level 1 as noted in Understanding Discourse Trust Levels. The 12 minutes include reading the requirements and then actually doing them

Get to trust level 1 by…

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

I checked your public profile which shows that you are still at Trust Level 0. You are fine, you just are not using the site enough to be stepped up to Trust Level 1 and create hyperlinks.

image when 30 are required.