Deactivated /deleted account after upgrading to chat gpt

My account with a paid subscription one day said that my account was deleted or deactivated once I signed in. I never deleted or did any action that would cause my account to be deleted or deactivated. Now the only real help I get is from an AI chat bot who says it usually takes 3 days for open AI to get back to you. It’s been over three days and no email!! Extremely annoying because once I paid for the subsciption to GPT+, two to three days after my account was deactivated. I am wondering why they don’t have a call line with an actual person to help me reactivate my account. I guess my question is how to get my problem solved or get on the phone with anybody who can help get my account reactivated. Also, this is for a different account then the one I am using to do this chat.