DALL E previous build versions access?

I’m so confused. I use to go to the Dall E page (In labs maybe? I dunno). And I LOVED the images it gave me. Now I only seem to be able to get it via Chat GPT or that home page with all the apps. I really don’t like the images. Is this Dall E 4? Everything looks like a cartoon, no matter what you prompt. “Black & White, shallow depth of field, single light source, soft focus”. Boom. Cartoon. Looks like Emojis to me. I wanna’ do what artists like Bennet Miller is doing. (Look him up). And I DID! (Watch my video if you want: search Barney Miller, no relation to Bennet and “concrete jane”). Most of those images are whatever version of Dall E I was using up until a few weeks ago. I can’t get images like that anymore.

Anyone else with a similar problem. And/or does anyone have a way of accessing the old models?

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Same issue for me, used to be able to use the images produced by DALLE3, cant use a single one for my use case any more. Totally misses the point of my prompt + theme + generation goal. Huge downgrade since 1 week ago.

Glad to know it wasn’t just me! Though, I found an old bookmark link that takes me to the old model. I’m afraid to give it out thinking they might shut it down. But it’s there now. Fingers crossed!

I’ve had the same problem. Impossible to create photorealistic images like before…

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Would you please consider sharing it, maybe through email or something? I used to use DALL-E 3 for all kinds of stuff, and now it’s nearly worthless. Having access to the old model would help me immensely.

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