Having 2 problems using DALL-E 2 right now

Hi! I’m so grateful I can try DALL-E 2 now. But I found some issues in the way. Can someone help?

  1. When I want to quickly snapshot all 6 generated images so I can save and document the results, they are not full 1024p resolution. Can the website give us a single pic download that has all 6? Or display them larger like before? While I can download each almost as fast plus are named for me, they are separate then though.
  1. After day1 of trying it, at least one of my old prompts others did for me almost-seem to have done better after DALL-E 2 just came out. Was there a recent model downgrade cost-decision that made it lose a tiny piece of intelligence recently? If so, see below.

“Sparkling gold toilets lined up between gold stalls in a gold room with gold chests and coins. Photograph.”

~2 weeks after D2 came out

today June 16

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Hey, can you try “photo-realistic image of van-art come to life with a unicorn standing on the edge of eternity staring into a never-ending sacred-geometry tropical universe”? I just want to see what it comes up with and I’m a wanna-be with no access, and I’m okay with it… for now.