What happened to the old model? It was so much better

About 2 months ago Dalle on Bing quietly updated their model into one that produces much more artificial, rendered, digital designs. It used to be fantastic at generating things like realistic animals, reptiles, birds, as well as just about everything else. Is there any way to access this previous model?

If you want to do a bit of programming, you can use DALL-E 2 via the API at $0.02 per image.

It doesn’t do people well, but it gives much more realistic photographic base images, along with a lot more artistic paintings and imaginings.

Also with the API, you can choose between “natural” and “vivid” styles. I’m betting BING defaults to vivid…

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I appreciate the suggestion but there are two problems with this: One, you must pay to use dalle via API, and it’s rather expensive. Two, even when using natural style, API seems to use a completely different model that is not quite on par with what used to be.

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Thanks for your response, but dalle2 is very outdated and low quality.