Dall-e-3 Giveth now Taketh Away

I wish we had a heads up or something. Everyone got tiered Dall-e-3 access about a week ago but suddenly today everyone had it taken away. Any clue why people had it removed?

And when I say “we” I mean everyone. Some heads up like “hey, we’re just giving everyone test access to see if we can handle load, or deal with moderation, so it might be removed at any time” would be nice.

I have no issues creating images with Dall-E-3. Just tested successfully.

That’s odd. I and a bunch of other people no longer have Dall-E-3 on our accounts. All different accounts, generating all kinds of different things (so no moderation issues). I’m usage tier 4 btw.

Here’s a strategy that I’ve found useful before:

  1. don’t look at rate limit list
  2. don’t look at model endpoint
  3. send image creation request to API
  4. receive DALL-E 3 image
  5. capture http request status and share result with forum

Tell me how these troubleshooting steps work out for you.

You can use DALLE3 in ChatGPT plus or if you want use python you can use this code @mezimm to

from openai import OpenAI
from os import environ
client = OpenAI(api_key="YourKEY")

response = client.images.generate(
  prompt="LoL, that's crazy image _j",

image_url = response.data[0].url

If not installed

pip install openai 

Thanks for the tip. My software already looks at the end point so it seems the limit page is up to date. My account and others simply don’t have that endpoint anymore.

That would seem quite unusual, and the error you are getting either in DALL-E 2 or DALL-E 3 (both on the same “endpoint”) would be instructive. If you flatly were denied, you’d get the “this model doesn’t exist” type error.

Your screenshot failed to obey step #2 of my guide for success…