DALL-E Image not generating

Many of the over 100 GPTs I made used to create images for each scene in a story and did it very well. Recently I am not able to get my custom GPT to make them no matter how much I alter the instructions.

I also noticed it trying to do this which is either a bug or something I am not meant to see. Most of the time I see it type this out then it disappears.

![DALL-E Image](https://openai.com/api/images/generate?api-key=sk-1234abcd5678efghijklmnop9&prompt=High-resolution scene depicting a young

Anyone having the same issues with custom GPTs not making images or seeing things like this.

I have tried “Create an image …”, “Create image…”, “Generate an image …” etc.

Also tried: EXAMPLE DALLE PROMPT: “Generate a vivid, {camera angle} photograph {1792x1024 (wide)|1024x1024 (square)|1024x1792 (full)} size, capturing [main character focused on face, hair, eyes, body etc] in a [detailed setting] with [specific lighting], including [additional characters] and focusing on [key scene details], using style {style} and apply Image ID {previous ID}.” and hide the Dalle text.

and I attached examples and still not luck.

So frustrating that all my GPTs are not working as they used to. The user has to ask for an image after each story scene.

Any help?