Custom GPTs refuse to generate Dalle images like it used to

I made a ton of custom GPTs and they used to make images no problem after months of refining the Dalle prompt to create great images. Now it just refused not matter how I try change the custom instructions, I also asked Chat GPT to fix it many times and still nothing. Strange thing is it provides images when I test in preview but not when I save and run it.

Sometimes it give me the Dalle prompt text or in code block like this, and the Dalle prompts are fine because if I copy them and paste them back into a new chat they are fine:
“prompt”: “Create wide angle, quality=hd, vivid, RAW, 1792x1024, 8K photograph of a lush, green savannah with tall acacia trees and colorful wildflowers. In the center, Little Gigi the giraffe with big, curious eyes and a long, graceful neck, is walking with her mother. Gigi is small, with a light tan coat and darker brown spots, a gentle face, and a slight smile. The scene is brightly lit by the golden sunlight, casting a warm glow over everything. In the background, other young giraffes with various unique spots and patterns are gathered in a circle, listening to Mr. Tall, a kind-looking adult giraffe with a warm smile. The natural lighting enhances the detailed textures and true colors, making the scene appear lifelike.”,
“size”: “1792x1024”

I also changed the sequence of the response structure and many other things. Very frustrating when so many GPT used to work so well.
Anyone else seeing this strange behaviour with latest release