Dall-e 2 wait-list question

I have been waiting (no joking) about 1 month or more in the wait list, is that an error? Or is just that I have to wait more, I’m saying this because all people that I know that have access, they only waited 1 week, or less. Thank you

Proof (if you guys want)

Abr means April in Spanish

Last I heard only a few hundred people have access to Dall-E 2, mostly internal employees and a few researchers and artists (Less than 600 users I think!). I suspect it will be a while before they expand the beta. It looks quite fun, but I can also see it can ‘go wrong’ if not well managed so I think they are working on ways to prevent mis-use.

I also suspect that pricing, legal issues, copyright, trademark use and potential liability for OpenAI are all being studied.

We’re a bunch of dangerous monkeys with keyboards so I don’t blame them for going slowly. I’m impatient as well! :smiley:

So, yes, you have to wait more. There’s no error. Sorry. :frowning:


Thanks you!!! Really :smiley::+1:

it is opening to 1000 persons on the waitlist per week.

For GPT3, I waited 7 months to access the beta… x)
1 month is nothing


Yeah, all these people complaining about the wait are the opposite of the people openai are going to let in first.

I don’t think that the fact that you’re excited to know when you will access to it changes the date of when you’re gonna get it though haha. If so that would be really creepy especially if that’s the AI that would allow you or not based on how it perceives you :robot:

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@Charlon That’s why I never change the “the AI is very friendly” template when chatting with GPT-3. We always get along nicely. :grin:

I was kind of curious as to whether people that were early to the api beta would be prioritized in the DALL-E access, or if the opposite would happen where they want new people to get that first time opportunity? /shrug

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Just got my invitation


Still nothing here - at least it brings me back to this forum a couple times a week :slight_smile:

I waited between 2-3 months, just got my invitation this week!

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If only. Before I complained about it to OpenAI support… I had not complained first. For months. Do you think it had helped? If not complaining ever helped anywhere, nobody would ever need to complain in the first place! Your logic is not strong, @SecMovPuz. To say the least.

I was among the first people to sign up for the waitlist. Looks like I will be one of the last to get invited – now that even almost everyone else and their mother get invited in no time. Tantamount to punishing their most enthusiastic supporter.

It’s not a “waitlist” if waiting gets you nowhere. Instead, it’s a database. We’ve been conned into donating our data to OpenAI so it can cherrypick us.

What’s possibly even worse, is the lack of transparency. (Such “OpenAI”.) What if I’m being delayed by an error? The error could be in their process – or it could be in my application. Maybe I am the kind of user they want? We’ll never find out.

By the time they open up DALL·E, one could learn how to draw.

DALL·E is good. But it’s not that good to take a degrading treatment.

i joined the waitlist on April 7 ( more than 4 months ago) and I still have not gotten access…so it seems hit and miss how this works

Likewise…at this point I’m probably waiting on Dalle-3…

Thank you all for your patience! We’ve opened up access to DALL-E today. No more waitlist. Excited to see even more people create with AI.