Who already has access to DALL-E 2?

I’m waiting, and it’s true that in this summer will be released this tool?

Who has already access? How to get access faster because I can’t wait to try it??

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I’ve seen tons of people posting on Twitter so I’m assuming some people have access. They may be working on scaling and hashing out bugs.

nice, how much time will be ready, next year or this year?

I don’t, don’t understand why :pensive:

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The github page has some information as to who has earliest access.

We currently maintain strict access limitations. Up to 400 trusted users (with that number including OpenAI employees) are initially being provided access to the DALL·E 2 Preview. More specifically, access is currently restricted to:

  • 200 OpenAI employees;
  • A few dozen researchers – currently 25, with a few more in the pipeline – whose aim is “red teaming” the system (we describe this process further in the “Process” section below);
  • 10 creatives;
  • 165 “company friends” (OpenAI Board members, a small number of Microsoft employees, limited number of friends/family of OpenAI employees, etc.).

From reading I’d bet on admittance being a slower process and more selective than with GPT-3 and Codex. Still keep your fingers crossed, I am!


I have to say, I’d expect Janelle Shane to be at the top of the list once they start opening up to more general researchers.