Who else is waiting on the Dall-E email?!

I’ve been refreshing my inbox constantly to receive that “Congratulations! You’re in.” Do you guys receive yours? I’m curious if it gives to everyone that was on the waiting list or what is the status?

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i’ve been waiting since april :slight_smile:
my theory is that everytime we complain they delay our invitation another month :smiley:


better stfu in this case lol

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Now that the beta stage is here, I believe the flood gates have been opened. I was listening to a discussion yesterday about the price model and its impact on user experience and one of the speakers mentioned that if you try signing up again now, then there would be a quicker response to gaining access. Give it a shot.

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I got mine six days ago, but just barely discovered it in my spam box.

Thanks for the suggestion - gave it a shot…

howd it go? did ya get in?

Pulling out my hair every morning while the invitation is still not there. Really looking forward to this :raised_hands::kissing_heart:

Unfortunately still not yet.

Thank you all for your patience! You can try out DALL·E right now – no waitlist! Sign up: https://labs.openai.com/auth/signup. Here’s a recap of how we got here.