Credit card declined while setting up paid account

Hi all,

I am an individual, trying to setup a paid account with my AmEx credit card, but i keep getting declined. I’ve switched my IP to the state where my credit card was issued, but still the same result.

I am currently based in China, but i used a Washington state phone number to setup my account along with a credit card issued in Washington state, and log on via Astrill, choosing Seattle as my portal. Anyone experience similar situations?

My Best Guess that you living in the Unsupported countries , that might be the reason the problem occurred.

There is an article from official source: Why was my credit card declined? | OpenAI Help Center

Ask a family member from US to buy it for you maybe.

The issue arises when the platform restricts VPN nodes; I resolved it using high-quality VPN nodes.

when I pay the api bill,i meet your card has been declined.