ChatGPT PLUS ، paying problem, Card Declined

Hello, i trying contact support for a week, no respond i need to pay chatgpt plus but always have my card declined ! i even try 3 different cards but same problem (your card declined, use another one)… Please help me, is only US card accepted ?


Use OpenAI support on

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Of course i contact support via the platform messages but no response for days…

need HELP please
i have still same problem

Anyone else have an answer here? OpenAI is ZERO help. They finally responded to my ticket and closed it without giving me a chance to write back. The response was no help. I have tried every card I have, they are all good, they are all also declined. I am also in the US.

Hello Jacob,

Thank you for contacting OpenAI Support.

We apologize that you are having difficulty in using your card for payment. We recommend to try again and if it doesn’t work, try contacting your bank.

Note In the event you still receive any errors messages please try the following:

1.Refresh your cache and cookies, then attempt the login with your chosen authentication method.

2.Try an incognito browser window to complete sign in

3.Try logging in from a different browser/computer to see if the issue still persists, as a security add-in or extension can occasionally cause this type of error.

4.Try another network (wired connection, home WiFi, work WiFi, library/cafe WiFi and/or cellular network).

We hope this helps! Thank you for your patience and understanding.

OpenAI Support

I finally got this to work for me. For me, it was that the IP address i was connected to the internet with was far away (a state over) from the zip code on the billing address for the CC. So I think having your IP close to the zip on the CC matters.

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I am from India

I tried ICICI, AMEX, and Indusland with different browsers.All transactions got declined


Please help me ways to make the payment. All my cards got declined

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Update back if something works for you.I will do the same for you

same here. Checked many times. International Transactions also enabled.


Getting same error, tried with multiple cards.

I also facing same issue tried 3-4 cards

Hi @jacob5 , I tried all these methods and the card is still declined. I have my IP address close to the ZIP code on billing information. Can you please help?

I can try @kod-er. Can you send me the response from the network call your browser makes when you try and use your credit card? Make sure you don't send me (or anyone) the actual card information. I am just interested in the error message.

Hello Let me know if you are able to resolve this

I am aborad and had to use a VPN to my home country to get it to work for me. I live between Japan/Vietnam and my Vietnamese bank cards wouldn’t work, but my Japanese one did.

Having issues on my side too. Tried the recommendations in this thread but still no luck.

Hello All,
I too am from India and was trying to upgrade to a Plus account and was getting the same error as most of you were receiving. My card was also getting declined even when international transactions were enabled on my card.

But today, thankfully, I was able to successfully upgrade with the same card. Maybe there was some issue with OpenAI. But it worked for me today. Also, I didn’t do anything differently. I just entered my card details and address, and this time it worked.

I hope you guys can also upgrade to the Plus account. Keep trying.


I’ve tried using two Visa cards, but neither of them seem to be working.

same problem…my debit sbi card is getting decline …on chrome and firefox