ChatGPT Plus Payment Issue

Dear ChatGPT Team,
I am a user from China, and I have been trying to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus but encountered payment issues. I have attempted to make the payment using the following credit cards but without success:

  1. ICBC Mastercard (China Industrial and Commercial Bank)
  2. China Construction Bank Visa
  3. China CITIC Bank Mastercard
    During the payment process, I encountered the following error message (Your credit card has been declined. Please try paying with a debit card.).
    Could there be any regional restrictions or other reasons that prevent me from using Chinese credit cards to make the payment? If so, do you have any alternative payment methods you would recommend? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Looking forward to your reply!
    Best regards,
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Welcome to the forum.

China is not currently a supported country for ChatGPT, that will be the reason for your issue.
Supported country list :

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I have also faced this issue, i have trie 3 different cards, 2 differen countries, still not able to make payments. since past 1 month, 2nd month running, not able to make plus payments.Its time we mass mail openai requesting for alternate methods of payments.
here is the mail

I know China is not supported, but why the bankcard is not supported? I can use my ChatGtp in anywhere of the world out side China, can I? In that scenario, can I still pay with a Chinese bank card? What is the policy? 1. China bank card can not pay for ChatGPT and 2. China user can not use Chat GPT. 1 and 2 both?
Thanks for your reply. @Foxalabs

Welcome to the developer forum,

The developer forum is not the correct place for ChatGPT, payment or account support. Please use either website or OpenAI Discord. Alsp see Why was my credit card declined? | OpenAI Help Center