Creation of feoul Medical AI

You can get 20 answers to the same question from 10 doctors. The treatment process often depends on from doctor psychological status. Both, doctors and patients need help. A powerful medical AI can solve that problem. Who is in this forum interested in this issue and who wants to participate in the discussions and help implement this vitally important problem?

There are medical AIs like IBM’s Watson.

OpenAI cannot be used for this:

Telling someone that they have or do not have a certain health condition, or providing instructions on how to cure or treat a health condition

  • OpenAI’s models are not fine-tuned to provide medical information. You should never use our models to provide diagnostic or treatment services for serious medical conditions.
  • OpenAI’s platforms should not be used to triage or manage life-threatening issues that need immediate attention.
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There is also BIOGPT trained on pubmed data. And you wouldn’t want to give people old informations from 2021 where the training of GPT-4 has ended, would you?

Here is how to do this within the boundaries. I’ve done it.

GPT-4 is probably the world’s best text analyzer.

Some big examples of what it can do better than any other AI:

-Read (well this is hard to test)

With medical info you can

-Input for reading
-Request summaries
-Translate into “plain English”
-Teach you what it all means and why and how to learn more
-Conclude if your ideas about the connections between X and Y seem reasonable or not
-Suggest what to ask your doctor/what doctors would be ideal/what doctors or patients tend to overlook in cases like this

All of the above are game-changers for improving healthcare. MDs don’t have very large contexts windows (they hyper focus on what they see). Patients are not educated so they don’t always even believe the MD and so they rarely do what the MD suggests ( called some like patient compliance which is big problem no one is solving yet and ChatGPT can help).

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Guys, that’s not what you’re talking about. I’m talking about renting individual AI bots for personal order. If OpenAI does not have such a service, then who is the smart one who offers such a service? But if this is not the case either, then who is ready to start such a super-profitable business? I’m in.