Anyone working on a medical project

Anyone currently working on a medical project involving AI, I am also a physician and am exploring various pain points in medicine where AI could be beneficial. I am interested in learning if there are ongoing projects that could use medical expertise, preferably a new project trying to solve something that has not yet been tackled.

I am currently involved in a medical AI project focused on early detection of sepsis using machine learning algorithms applied to EHR data. This project aims to identify sepsis risk in real-time, allowing for prompt intervention. We’re in need of medical expertise to refine our predictive models and validate clinical relevance. If you’re interested in collaboration, your insights would be invaluable. Feel free to reach out for more details.

preparing for FRCR and trying to use chatgpt to revise topics…

Yes working on healthcare for imci imai guidelines.

Diagnosis, treatment, education etc. Multilingual. is the website if you want to collaborate or give feedback.

Tuned to avoid risks of using ai in healthcare. Tuned to refer to doctors or specialists if risk is involved

Also has simple API to add AI to existing EMR systems

Hey Shafique, I would like to learn more about your project, sounds interesting.

I would like to learn more. I will check it out