"Couldn't log in with plugin."

Hi, I am new to using gpt and wanted to start testing with some plugins. I tried to install the “ChatWithPDF” and it asked me for gmail authentication. Then I got the error “Couldn’t log in with plugin.” and I can’t install it. What could be the problem? Gmail used to log in external plugins authentifications must be the same used for openai account? Thank you.

No, authentication is handled by the developer of the plugin, it is not handled by OpenAI. OpenAI gives plugin and GPT devs the tools to allow for 0auth, but it is not handled by OpenAI itself.

Unfortunately, plugins and custom GPTs are treated more like apps in an app store, not as an OpenAI-back feature addition. So, any issues with the plugin would likely need to be discussed with the developer of the plugin.

Now, based on what that specific plugin tool does, it’s possible it could be obsolete and no longer maintained. You can already upload pdfs to ChatGPT and ask it questions about the docs without needing that plugin (see the paperclip button). Zapier handles most of everything else. If there is one plugin to use, use that one.

Plugins are likely going to be phased out in favor of custom GPTs. A lot of the new capabilities of ChatGPT knocked most of the plugins as functionally useless and arbitrary at this point. ChatWithPDF is actually a prime example of this, as now that ChatGPT can process files as input directly, there’s no need for the plugin anymore.

If you’re new to using ChatGPT in general (which, in that case, welcome), just start poking around, playing with it, and experiment with it to see what it does, how it works, and how it can help you do things. I wouldn’t jump into plugins right off the bat. Plugins are more or less a feature once you know the capabilities and limitations of the models, and are able to clearly identify a specific feature you know you need implemented.

Plus, as with any third-party anything, be wary of the risks involved and which plugins you trust. It’s still very much like the wild west in this landscape, and there’s not an intense screening process like the Apple Store in order to put a plugin up online.