Cost and Availability for GPTplus Users

I want to use gpt models in my application through APIs, I also want to finetune it, test it with large data, test it with large examples and use tools with it. Will the GPTplus subscription enough for it? will it cost extra to train and use tokens or is that included in GPTplus paid plan?

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The use of the API is actually distinct from ChatGPT, i.e. these are two different products. The ChatGPT Plus subscription does not imply access to the API. Instead, you need to separately fund you developer account in order to use the API.

To do that, visit the Developer Platform, go to Settings (top right) and then navigate to Billing on the left-hand navigation pane. Under billing you can add a payment method and then add credits to your account. You need to pre-fund your account with a minimum of USD 5 in order to start using the API.

You should also take a look at the usage tier documentation to understand the usage limits depending on the usage tier you are in and how to qualify for higher tiers.

I hope that helps to get you started. Feel free to let us know if you have more specific questions regarding this.

Good luck!

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chatGPT Plus subscription is not related to the API usage. To access API, you need to pay, go to platform . opnenai . com to get an API and add an payment method.