Hey everyone I am a new user of chatGPT, is there a 5 USD limit to using the API key

Like in the title in this section of platform of OpenAI website in the link below

It shows that the limit of using the API is 5 USD, and to increase it is showing that I need to be on the paid tier. What does this paid tier mean? Do I need to pay for chatgpt plus and also pay for the api usage to get access to modify my api usage which is as per the token count. I am a little confused because there are so many factors as how the pricing is occurring. I need to know if there is way to simplify and understand everything in one go. That will also be helpful because I need a reference for pricing that I understood properly so I don’t get surprised when I see my billing.

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ChatGPT and the API are two different products, which are treated differently from a billing perspective.

Even if you have a ChatGPT Plus subscription, you still need to fund your API account separately. For most users, API billing is in the form of pre-paid billing. A minimum of USD 5 in credits must be added to the account in order to start using the API.

You can find the pricing for each model here:

I hope this helps to get started and let us know if you have any more specific questions.