Copy just a code block only in Official Android app

Hi, I’m posting this after searching everywhere and because it was all futile.

I’m new to the ChatGPT app, but I have used the web version for quite a while now. I like the app 99.9% of the time, except for this absolutely useless omission of such a simple feature.

As the heading says, it’s the ability to copy a simple code block, instead of the whole response.

This is a simple scenario. I asked ChatGPT to write a basic code. It does it perfectly well. However, when i want to run this somewhere, I have to put the whole answer in a separate text editor, remove all the explanations, then take each code part one by one and paste. I mean what an absolute hazzle!

I know i can instruct it to just give the code, but then I lose the ability to learn along the way. I like reading the explanation, then copying each code part one by one, and then running, just like the browser.

In the browser version, there’s a simple button on top right corner to copy any single code block and paste somewhere. That simple button is missing in the app and it makes the app practically useless for my use case. :roll_eyes:

Is there some hidden method to enable this feature on the android app? I can’t understand what was going through the developers’ heads to omit such a simple thing.

I’m attaching screenshots below. Tell me if I’m doing something wrong. There’s only one option and one option only to copy the entire answer with some ridiculous html like formatting tags also included.

:warning: Please don’t tell me about the select text thing. That stupid “feature” completely ruins all the indentation associated with python and ends up making the simplest code unusable. In addition to that, the scrolling doesn’t work properly when the code is long, so you kind of have to copy page by page going back and forth and sometimes miss parts while trying to select and copy. It’s such a convoluted way to achieve a simple task extremely badly!

Just give the simple option to copy a code block directly for God’s sake. It’s so simple and I imagine a breeze to implement, it already works on the browser version. Why the heck is this not available on the android app, or why is it buried in somewhere in the setting that I still am unable to find ?:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Due to stupid new user limitations I’m collaging three screenshots to one.