How do I copy chatgpt's text?

Im talking to chatgpt (4.0 and 3.5 both) about mathematics and it seems to have some issues with some calculations. I’d like to talk about someone here about the problem because it keeps making the same mistakes and erroneous conclusions, despite that telling it that it made a mistake.

The problems is that I can’t copy it’s mathematic text and notations properly. I know that chatpgt uses LaTeX (as do I) but this is not what you get copied if you select the text and copy it. Many of the mathematic notations get lost through this copy and so this does not work.

So how can I copy the chatgpt mathematical notations so that I can paste it here?

Currently I see no other choice than to take screenshots and post the images. The other solution would be to rewrite all of it manually by reading and typing it out. Not a good solution and tedious.