Method to copy chat and code snippets to share with other users

Just a question to the OpenAI Community?
I would like to keep the chat and the code sample that GPT produced in order to share with my fellow team members.
Other than taking a screen copy its impossible to keep the formatting. I even tried writing a JavaScript page capture, But its very “lumpy” to use.

Is there anything that can be used to do this?
I would like to keep the code snippets with the colour format (Even if GPT is saying incorrect language types). Some times GPT comes up with some insightful examples that would help my team to build on.

Output or transform into markdown? Unless I’m misunderstanding your question?

How can you do this? Is there an export tool to markdown?

Is this what you mean?

Thank you Paul, I like your idea making GPT code the example in markdown.
May use this for some projects.

However, What I need is to have the chat text I typed, and then GPT’s text reply and then the code snippet in colour format.

Then I can show my team the chat logic e.g., Chat …“develop widget give a code example in JavaScript” … GPT replies … GPT Code snippet … GPT explains logic

Using some kind of capture/export tool, I can have both as a “smart text” copy to share. Maybe in word? something that can be read by many editors?