Enables the ability to select all ....copy...full answers...on the developer form

Seems like the most obvious thing I don’t know how anybody missed this but when you go to the developer forum in Google Chrome because youre looking for information to give to Chat GPT to help you with open AI issue you can’t select everything on that web page… that that’s kind of a real hindrance to the normal operation of using gpt… I’d say enable that on the web page because otherwise you know you could copy specific answers but you can’t just copy the whole page and all the answers and paste it into G P T… It doesn’t matter if it makes the website look less nice it’s that it’s functional… Again thanks for your world changing and awesome contribution to the technology of the entire world!!!..

If you aim to paste it into chatgpt, you might be able to just append .json to the url, and copy that :thinking:


Better is to get the raw post data,

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