CODEX plugin for Notepad++

I do all my dev work in NPP. It would be really great if CODEX/COPILOT had a plugin or integration for that. I don’t like fully fledged IDEs. I prefer lean interfaces.

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was this ever created? I would love to be able to work with this!

hardly will ever be created, very few people use NPP. They don’t even do more advanced copilot integration for major IDEs outside VSCode.

you can easily tune VSCode to be as lean as you want it

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Not really needed since ChatGPT came around

One does not replace the other. I use copilot daily, chatgpt only occasionally when I’m trying to understand something or get some bigger example. I value copilot more than chatgpt (I pay for copilot, but use free chatgpt) :slight_smile:

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