Vim plugin and python sandbox for playing with autocompletion

Hi everyone,

I’ve been lucky to get access to Codex API few days ago, and have since played around with it in the playground mostly. First i must say I’m quite amazed by its capabilities, i see it becoming part of my day-to-day toolset in the future, as it greatly helps with writing code.

Encouraged by its capabilities, I moved toward a python API, and created a simple script for playing around with it in a somewhat interactive manner similar to the playground, just from the terminal.

My attachment for vim editor also encouraged me to write a simple plugin that enables codex autocompletion. Its a bit rough around the edges, but its starting to be useful, so im posting the repo with source code.

All improvements, suggestions, and other comments are very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, much appreciated!

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To put it out there: I just found out that someone started working on Vim plugin for Codex a little bit earlier, but i failed to find a topic on the community forum about it so posting this finding here:

@m-a.schenk You might want to update your list with this one.