Intellij Codex Plugin

I have been playing around with Codex for the last week or so and I have shaken to my core. I am amazed. I mainly write Java so I decided to try and make an IntelliJ plugin for it. It can complete normally using keybinds OR you can select a function and it can come up with and insert javadocs for the function. Here is an example of a complicated javadoc it generated:


Thanks! The plugin isn’t on the marketplace yet, right now I just have my API key hardcoded in and I need to add a setting for your API key. I also have to fix some formatting issues first but as soon as I do put it on it I’ll let you know. Also, yes Codex helped me right its own plugin :smiley:


There is also this list:

** Maybe they don’t work with CODEX. So they need to be verified.

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Thanks for the clarification.

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Any chance this thing will be available in PHPStorm? I’m a taker.

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