Code Runner Plugin - Feedback and Testing needed

Check out my first awesome plugin for ChatGPT that lets you Run code in 70+ languages! :raised_hands::woman_technologist::man_technologist:

:computer: Code in over 70 programming languages with ease! Chat-GPT Code Runner offers a versatile and flexible coding experience for developers of all levels.
:floppy_disk: Download Chat-GPT Code Runner today and start coding like a pro!
Url of Plugin to Install.
Search “Code Runner” in Plugin Store.

  1. coderunner-plugin(dot)heavenplugins(dot)com

I need some feedback on this Plugin so feel free to provide them.


awesome to see this and may be explore same and experiment using it and update ! how effective it can be for python coding and creating some cool new scripts.

Its awesome for Python it can generate graphs and plots very easily and i am getting lots of traffic on graphs generation

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Nice, but it does not accept external http requests, so it is not that easy to pss the data to the code,

It has requests library in Python , so you can make Http requests from that and get response. You just have to ask Chatgpt to write code using requests library.

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Hi haseeb_heaven, first try, looks good. But can we convert for example a chart bar to chart bat race (animated), because with chatGPT code interpreter is messing up with python libraries. Thanks.

You can do that with Python libraries, but since this plugin is hosted on Vercel i can only install limited number of Python libraries.

Hi, I have an another idea, if it can generate file processing code based on prompt and pass the code and files to the remote service for processing??

But privacy issues will be there people want local LLM’s tools which will get the code and process files locally.