Introducing projectGPT: A New Way to Streamline Your Coding Workflow - An Experiment

Hello, fellow developers,

I’m delighted to share a new experiment I’ve been dabbling with: projectGPT. This project was conceived out of the frequent toggling between ChatGPT and our IDEs and the repetitious nature of copying files between the two.

I must stress, projectGPT is more of an experimental tool rather than a fully-fledged, production-ready plugin. It acts as a localhost plugin for ChatGPT, enabling you to query your project documentation directly from your chat interface, which can potentially save time and effort.

The charm of this tool lies in its capacity to augment ChatGPT’s assistance. By providing general descriptions of your project directly in the chat, it aims to generate more insightful code-writing suggestions. Additionally, this tool attempts to serve your source code directly to ChatGPT, streamlining your development process.

I’d be thrilled if you’d join me in this experiment and give projectGPT a try. See how it integrates with your coding routine, whether you’re working solo on a personal project or collaborating in a team setting.

Feel free to explore projectGPT, play around with it, and provide your valuable feedback. Your insights will be crucial in refining and improving this experimental tool. I’m open to all suggestions for enhancements and would love to hear your thoughts or ideas. And of course, if you have any questions about the project or wish to discuss AI in development further, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Check out the project on my GitHub, I am thlandgraf and the repo is projectGPT (please browse, it seems, that I am not allowed to post links in this forum - why?). I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing where our collective experimentation can take projectGPT!

Happy coding and experimenting,


Congrats. Thanks for sharing your plugin with us.

This Plugin seems to be made with love :slight_smile:
Will definitely give it a shot, thanks for sharing it.

Hi Thomas,

Your experiences and conclusions appear to be similar to mine. However, I’m uncertain about the extent to which our approaches align. Could you share your thoughts on this?