Code GPT: Use OpenAI API inside VSCode

With this extension, you can configure the API parameters (API Key, Model, tokens, temperature) inside VSCode.


Know why I get this error? I have a paid account in addition to a ChatGPT+ account.

OpenAI API Response was: Error 404: The model gpt-4 does not exist or you do not have access to it.

If you are not talking about VS Code (where you don’t need any extension, you can just write API code), this is likely off-topic.

I wrote up copy-and-paste that likely has some of your answer within.

Where’s API GPT-4? I subscribe for $20!

ChatGPT Plus does not offer any API credits or entitlements. API is a separate professional product for AI application development. Although you may have a gpt-4 powered chatbot in ChatGPT (and plus gives you plugins and more), ChatGPT Plus doesn’t unlock any API services or pay for any API bills.

API Overview

API allows programmers to develop applications for end users, and they are charged by the actual language data used by the service - the tokens sent and received by queries to the AI models. It is not free nor included with ChatGPT.

This is the access portal to an API account and its payment systems.

Where’s API GPT-4? I have a free API trial

You may have an API free trial credit if you created your OpenAI account recently, (three-month expiration after account creation). However, access to use gpt-4 services along with higher rate limits is only enabled after purchasing additional account credits, or having been billed monthly for actual non-free use.

A: Start a payment plan. Purchase credits to get gpt-4.

I’ve put in a credit card a while ago…

Your older API account with monthly billing can get gpt-4 access. Just having put in a card doesn’t qualify it though.

A monthly post-pay plan can be made eligible for gpt-4 access by actually incurring billing to the card from use (OpenAI currently doesn’t bill for small balances, like under a dollar). After you get a bill charged to your credit card (processed in first half of the following month), you should get gpt-4 access.

A: Use services, get billed

I put in a card a while ago, can I get it faster?

One can “cancel payment plan”, removing all cards, and then you’ll likely be only offered the ability to buy pre-paid credits, of $5-$100. A pre-pay, purchasing credits, instantly gets gpt-4. Once doing so, there is no going back to a monthly plan; you must always prepay and have a credit balance to use services. A second account for this is recommended if you need the original account’s features.

Do I already have API GPT-4?

Look in the list of models in your API account’s rate limits. It will be there.
Look in the API playground. Select mode “chat”. It will be there.

I don’t know anything about programming…

API is not meant for consumers: don’t put API keys into web sites, apps, extensions, or unknown software. You wouldn’t hand out your bank password?

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Thanks probably this. For more context I’m using the CodeGPT extension in VScode that’s why I responded here. Is it generally well regarded? Almost a million installs. So I did enter my API Key but I only added $10 in credits without an auto-reload. All sound okay?

Purchasing any prepaid credit should grant you gpt-4 access. The actual processing of the payment to your card and the gpt-4 model access may not be instant, even though the credit is shown.

You can check the account using methods “do I have gpt-4” I listed to see if it is granted. Then generate a new API key to ensure the rights are assigned to the key.

A glitch where model access is still not granted, or access of paying members was even reverted was seen a bit ago, requiring another addition to get it cleared up.