Chrome extension with search integration (gpt-3.5-turbo)

An early preview of the browser extension is up in private beta (unlisted) on the Chrome store (also works on Edge)

Feel free to try it out
…just don’t expect all the bells and whistles just yet :wink:

Oh, and you will need your own API key :+1:

You can manage your API keys here:

Latest pricing adjustments from OpenAI, bring usage cost down to around $1 for the equivalent content of a book of 750 pages, not shabby at all !

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Conversional history is not active in this version but should be up tomorrow or so.

So once that’s up, you can ask follow up questions, just like in ChatGPT :+1:

Wow, I am trying this now. Thank you. Is this still active?

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Yep, still getting regular updates :+1:

We use it at work every day to help with office stuff

Let me know if you find any bugs :pray: