GPTCase: A Chrome Extension for Sharing ChatGPT Conversations, Developed in Just 13.5 Hours with GPT-4's Help


GPTCase Website

I’m thrilled to introduce GPTCase, a user-friendly Chrome extension for sharing ChatGPT conversations, which I developed in just 13.5 hours with the assistance of GPT-4. This innovative extension not only allows users to share their engaging ChatGPT discussions but also offers a platform to display these shared conversations, complete with features like liking, view count statistics, and Google Sign-In.

Dev time on wakatime

Discover the open-source code for GPTCase on GitHub:

Curious about the development process? Explore the GPT-4 conversation logs at

Stay tuned for the release of GPTCase on the Chrome Web Store once the extension review is complete.

Please note that OAuth for Google Sign-In is still undergoing the application process. For early access, send me a private message or leave your email address. Google offers 100 test slots before approval, so don’t miss out!

I’m eager to hear your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions for improvement. Thank you for your support and happy sharing!