A Heroku app that enhances ChatGPT with results from a Google search

GitHub - MartinRJ/GoingLLM: I want to enable Assistant (the ChatGPT model) to perform Google searches when necessary to complete a task. is a tool I’ve been working on this week, that will utilize the new OpenAI ChatGPT API to ask ChatGPT whether it can improve the answer to a (single) question by performing Google searches in the background.

If it decides that that’s required, it will generate the ideal search- and keywords, perform the search queries, download the results and use them to create a better, up-to-date response to any question.

The internal prompts are in German - which you could easily change - but if you ask a question in any other language that ChatGPT understands, it will most likely answer in that language.

I’m eager to hear your feedback! I wanted to make that, the second I heard that the OpenAI ChatGPT API is finally available. And spent the last day working on it.

There’s a relatively detailed explanation in the repository on how to set it up, if you have more questions, feel free to ask.

Please note, in order to get this running, you need to install this on your own in a Heroku account, and you will need an API key for Google Custom Search and of course for OpenAI.

I have heavily used ChatGPT and Bing Chat to create this program in less than a day. What a time to be alive!

I have created an Indiegogo campaign for funding the tool, so that I could make it available to anyone: GoingLLM: a fully-automated AI researcher chatbot | Indiegogo

When it says “and the database”, is it actually also accessing a database or is that just a quirk of ChatGPT’s response?

“Internal databases” refers to ChatGPT’s own knowledge.

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