Use ChatGPT on any of your current browsing session with built-in agents

I have relied on ChatGPT throughout my daily work, but I often encountered the inconvenience of constantly switching between tabs. This disrupts my workflow and consumes valuable time.

To address this issue, I have developed ‘Mano AI,’ an innovative solution that enhances your browsing experience on any website. With a simple shortcut command, you can optimize your interactions and streamline your workflow. Mano AI comes equipped with built-in agents, including a travel guide, prompt generator, personal trainer, etc. These built-in agents provide valuable assistance in various areas.

Currently, Mano AI is in its beta testing phase, and as part of this trial, we are offering unlimited free questions.

You can try our Chrome extension here:

I would greatly appreciate any feedback to help me improve it further. Thank you!

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Instead of more apps using subscriptions, it would really be nice to be able to use our own API key with it.

This is noted, we’ll definitely consider that!