ChatSSHPlug | Run natural language on SSH

Whats up guys I hope all is well. Please take a look at and sign up to test my chatgpt SSH plugin.

Usage van be scene on this video:

OAuth Update:

Registration / Demo package update:

When you register please send me your username so i can approve your account.


Hi guys the ones who PM’d me I granted you the starter pack.

Please remember to send me a PM with your username. Thank you guys for taking interest :slight_smile:

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If you’re looking for more testers feel free to check out this post as well.

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Thank you, I just signed up and look forward to more testing from the community. For the people who have tested or took the time out of there day to check out this plugin I just wanted to say thank you for your time and consideration :slight_smile:

Please continue signing up guys and PM’ing me your email so I can grant you access.

Hey buddy - I purchased 3 months at once. Seems like it’s not working. Can you help me out with it? I really enjoy the service!

Good day,

May you email you login email, and I will add the time for you.


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Done! Thank you. Are you planning on creating more plugins moving forward?

Massive update guys.

You no longer have to be port forwarded or worry about having firewalls problems. ChatSSHPlug now has a free tunnel server using ngrok or any other ways do gain access to you server will no longer be necessary. Follow the video and your local server will be powered by ChatGPT in seconds.

Thank you for all the positive support and feedback. Please contact me here or email me at support@chatsshplug for any questions or concerns.


Your plugin requires that users sign up for your service before they can try it to see if it’s for them, but you do not have a privacy policy linked to the site, could you please address this oversight.

Good day,

Thank you for expressing interest in our plugin and for bringing this to our attention.

  1. Demo Package: Upon signing up, every user is automatically granted a demo package to evaluate if the service meets their needs.
  2. Privacy and Security Measures:
  • We employ robust security measures, including secure coding practices and regular code testing.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) is in place for added security.
  • We utilize high-quality, reputable cloud server providers for both our database and backend servers. Notably, these servers cater to companies that adhere to strict HIPAA regulations.
  1. Data Deletion: Rest assured, when you choose to delete your data, it is permanently removed. We do not retain logs or any remnants of your data.
  2. Revoking Access: Users have the option to revoke ChatGPT access at any time through the interface.
  3. User Responsibility: While we prioritize security, it’s essential to note that users also play a crucial role in maintaining their own privacy and security.
  4. Privacy Policy: We recognize the importance of a privacy policy. We will be adding a link to our privacy policy on the login page shortly.

If you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out here, email us at, or send me a private message.