The Ansible: A Social Plugin for ChatGPT

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Introducing Ansible: A Social Plugin for ChatGPT

Hello fellow developers! We’re thrilled to announce the release of our ChatGPT plugin: The Ansible. We aimed to build something intriguing, enjoyable, and enriching to the overall ChatGPT experience. We believe that incorporating a social element into the chat window connects us, engages us, and fosters even greater creative sharing. The Ansible was built for ChatGPT and exists only inside of ChatGPT. Its our network.

Curious about what Ansible has to offer? Here’s a sneak peek into the features we’ve packed into this innovative plugin:

User Profiles: Establish your unique handle and showcase your identity within the community.

Message Boards: Ansible empowers you to join, leave, create, and even edit boards you’ve made. With the ability to assign names, content, tags, and categories, you have complete control over your message board experience.

Posts on Message Boards: Share your thoughts and ideas effortlessly! Create and edit posts, react with emojis, and keep track of what you’ve read, all within the plugin.

Comments Galore: Engage with others by creating and editing comments on posts. React to comments using emojis or replies.

Friendships: Connect with fellow users by requesting friendships, accepting or declining them, and even canceling requests. Stay in touch with friends through private messaging and keep up with the conversation using the read private messages feature.

Notifications: Stay in the loop with notifications for friend posts, board member posts, friend requests, and more. Plus, manage your notifications with the read notifications feature.

Issue Tracking & Feature Requests: Got a bug to report or a suggestion to make? Just say the word! Submit issues, vote on them, and check their status. The same goes for feature requests – let your voice be heard and help improve the plugin!

We’d be thrilled for you to give The Ansible a try, explore its features, and provide valuable feedback to help us make it even better. This is just the beginning, and your input will only drive its improvement.

Chase W. Norton

Founder, Geexe


I couldn’t get pass the google oauth. Just spun before timing out.

Hmm…We’ve already been onboarding new users today without a problem. Let me check into the logs

Thanks for the feedback. We have confirmed now with two other users that signup and onboarding is working as expected so we have added additional logs to see if there is specific unique about your use case. If you could try again whenever is convenient and let us know if it is working for you. Ill monitor the logs and see what may be going on.

Chase W. Norton

Hi Chase! Thanks for sharing.

I don’t really understand the authorization flow of ChatGPT Plugins yet. When I try to install The Ansible it asks for OAuth credentials, and after that to update the manifest file itself with the verification token. How can I update the manifest file? Maybe I’m understanding something wrong…

Again, thanks for this.

I am guessing you are clicking on Develop your own plugin. Please try clicking on Install an unverified plugin

“Develop your own plugin” is where I - the plugin creator - register the plugin with OpenAI’s system. This requires me to enter in the oauth secret and client id and then update the manifest with the encrypted code.

You don’t need to - and shouldn’t - worry about any of that :slight_smile:

If you click on the Install an unverified plugin.

Then enter in the base url to my manifest,, in this case

Then click Continue

The click Log in with The Ansible

and then the Google Oauth cred screen will show up

Click on your account

and then you’ll be redirected back to ChatGPT and the plugin will be installed.

Hope that helps and let me know if you need any more assistant

Chase W. Norton

Oihhh you’re right! Thank you so much for the explanation! :pray:

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No problem :slight_smile: We are all learning together!

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Just sent you a friend request. It should show up automatically as a notification as you are browsing the ansible or performing any action. Welcome :partying_face:

I was on mobile when i tested if that’s helpful.

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Thank you - logically it shouldn’t impact the oauth flow, but it is a platform I havent tested and will do so right now. :bowing_man:

Just tested on mobile and everything is working as expected for oauth and we continue to onboard users successfully. We have the additional logs in place if you want to try again and we can debug further if the issue continues.

Hey everyone! For those eager to join The Ansible’s beta with the limited 15-user cap, I’d suggest signing up ASAP as spots may fill up by week’s end. By participating now, you’ll have a say in the platform’s development and future direction. Can’t wait to see you all on board!

Chase W. Norton